Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 2012 FREEBIES

July 2012 Freebies overview
Pictured here are most of the freebies I have received in the mail during the month of July 2012.  Not pictured I have also received the drinking straw eyeglasses via that were also free & an awesome Bissell Advanced Formula Plus 2x concentrated 8Fl oz sample w/ $3 off coupon!  Oh how I love my freebie mail!  Most have been mentioned on my Facebook profile while they were being offered.

July 2012 Freebies upclose
Bodycology Wild Poppy body cream w/ $1off coupon, 5Hr energy drink w/ 10% off online coupon code, Escada Sexy Graffiti perfume, Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion SPF 30 & Body Lotion SPF 15 w/ coupons $1 off 1 & $3 off 2, BIC MarkIt permanent marker in Lilac I won w/ $2 off 8pk or Lrgr coupon, NikWax Sandal Wash w/ 15% off online coupon code, Febreze Set & Refresh in Apple Spice & delight scent, Depend undergarment just incase my mom may need that in the future or I will end up donating the sealed sample eventually.

Some of these were a 2 count of & others will sometimes list as 2 per household, 1 per email address so my mom was the other benefiting participant. 
  • Carnation Breakfast Essentials no sugar added w/ $1 off multipack coupons.
  • Ovaltine Rich Chocolate
  • Miracle Whip
July 2012 Freebie magazine subscriptions
Magazines shown are ALL freebies: Town & Country (a full 3yr subscription), Family Fun (2 yr 20mags) others are 1 year subscriptions from Lego Club Jr., O magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes & Gardens; not pictured but also receiving, Rachel Ray Everyday, Shape, & Lucky!

Aside from them being free you get all these ideas, recipes, samples or coupons inside of them!  If you haven't yet got in on the freebie craze just add up the subscription costs yourself.  You may rethink trying out a few times for items you're interested in & get pulled in.

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  1. Yearly magazine cover/newsstand prices:
    Town&Country $49.50x3yrs Family Fun $34.90x2yrs Lego Club Jr. $0/2yrs "O" mag $54 Martha Stewart Living $59.88 BHG $41.88 Every Day Rachael Ray $39.90 Shape $59.88 Lucky $42
    = Grand total savings of $515.84