Friday, August 3, 2012

FREE 1 yr Outdoor Life magazine subscription
Outdoor Life is "The Source for Hunting and Fishing Adventure." Our readers' hands-on spirit is reflected in the magazine's comprehensive gear tests and personal adventure stories. Whether you're shopping for a new rifle, searching for the hottest fishing holes this weekend or thirsting for exciting adventure tales, Outdoor Life is the ultimate resource.

Thanks to who has paid for this 1 year subscription to OutdoorLife through ValueMags.  Sign up & receive your free 12 issues without being billed or obligated to continue the subscription, unless of course you love it & it is your choice to.  This is of course how I am currently receiving over $500 worth of magazines absolutely free.  Check out my previous blog entries on all my freebies I've personally received & start trying out the ones I post while they're available.

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