Saturday, September 29, 2012

Laundry detergent sample for FREE

You can request one sample a year, per household & email address from Purex.  The new Purex UltraPacks are a concentrated liquid laundry detergent in a convenient little pack. These packs dissolve quickly & can even be used in cold water cycles! Select your load type, size, & temperature...  toss in a Purex UltraPack & go. Your laundry will come out clean, bright, & white (if you're doing whites of course). No more messes to deal with if you spill a powder or the liquid seeps out & goops up on your shelves, cabinetry, or floors.

After you try the sample & are ready to buy... know that they even have a Free&Clear formula for those of us who prefer perfume & dye free detergents!

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