Thursday, October 18, 2012

Black Friday ads all in one place...

So would you be interested in getting an early start browsing the Black Friday 2012 deals?  Well this year Brads Deals has them all in one convenient spot for your viewing pleasure.  I've gone out for many years.  The first I remember wasn't quite as planned but the second year I felt like a veteran.  PLAN early, KNOW what IT is you're shopping for & do your HOMEWORK.  Is it REALLY worth the lost sleep, braving the cold temperatures & crowds for the advertised price?  Are the items priced & savings expected on each of them ONLY available on that day/timeframe?!  Speaking from personal experience...   it may NOT be.  Don't forget that CYBER MONDAY also alleviates much of that hassle & ships to your door too.  Shop wisely my friends & either way you spend your time & money be sure to ENJOY it!

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