Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Walmart free samples & savings


Right now on the Walmart.com site they're featuring 2 free pet food samples.

  •   For the dog lovers:  Purina Dog Chow Active Life
  •   For the cat lovers:   Purina Cat Healthy Weight
The samples will be delivered to you in 4 weeks time.  Don't forget to check often and print coupons offered there as well for saving that precious dinero of yours! 

Featured coupon savings I saw were:  $4 off Alaway Allergy Eye Itch Relief, $1 off PullUps Night Time, $1 off BallPark Franks, $1 off any Nature Made vitamin supplements, $1 off Rosetto stuffed pasta, up to $2 off Degree deodorants/antiperspirants, be sure to check out the savings on Kraft Foods products, & even get a $4 VUDU Credit from Kleenex. 

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