Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday fun with Vonage

This is for all Vonage home phone users

Dial 1-700-225-5726 that's 1-700-CALLSANTA now through Christmas Eve to hear a holiday greeting from Santa himself & have the kids leave him a voicemail message.  The callers wishlist will be sent to the email address for the Vonage account so you may share that with friends & family members if you'd like to.

Also starting at 2pm PST or 5pm EST on Christmas Eve you call that same # to hear where Santa & his reindeer have been & where they're headed to next!  That is right you can keep track of Santa's deliveries in progress.  That's pretty cool!

I just looked up how long I've used Vonage for & it's been 6 1/2 years already!  I love not having to worry how many minutes I've been speaking to family & friends for.  Have you worried about having an increased phone bill because of the long distance calls? Personally my $24.99 a month plan with all taxes & fees added is just about $33 a month total.  Love that I can know that & have unlimited amount of voicemail time, listen to or read them via email if I'm away from home too.  If I wanted I can forward calls to my cell or phone # of our choice if cable is down or if we're away for extended time.  Basic phone service used to run us over $60 a month (without long distance) so the savings & all the benefits we now have are so amazing!  Interested?  CLICK HERE to sign up with Vonage if you haven't already.

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