Friday, July 18, 2014

Check out Kroger's latest promos

Good afternoon all,

If you haven't already done so...  log into your Kroger account to download your Friday Freebie before it's too late.  Once loaded to your store card you can select your choice of one free 2 liter from the following:
  • Dr. Pepper 10
  • A&W 10
  • 7UP 10
  • Canada Dry 10
  • Sunkist 10

Kroger has listed some Back to School savings to their site also.  Can't believe how many stores have already had the Back to School section stocked.  Not only that but they have a great daily instant win sweepstakes with thousands of prizes and the Grand Prize is one year of lunch boxes!  Even if you don't have your own child I'm sure you know a child or could maybe donate for someone in need.

Thanks for stopping by my blog & hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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